Saturday Morning

I painted at the Mansion Friday night.  I like to grab a cocktail at the end of the evening while I'm waiting on guests to do the send-off.  Love that little bar at the Mansion.  Met 2 nice guys from Portland who were there for the people watching, it did not disappoint.  When we got on the subject of Faith, one of them proceeded to show me his tattoos - there was the crucifixion, Christ's birth, the empty tomb, I believe Lazerus was in there too, all in a stained glass style - fantastical! I love how our creator, the father of all creativity, chooses to reveal himself to us, knowing each of us intimately and even more than we know ourselves.  The way he appeals to our individual sensibilities is nothing short of brilliant. 

Got up early the next morning to watch Tres row in a scrimmage at White Rock Lake.  Coach Eli sent this beautiful pic to us parents.  After an extremely difficult year of multiple coach changes, this varsity crew is clawing its way back.  This morning's results finally show all the tenacity, perseverance and hard work of those who did not quit and have stayed the course; they have turned a corner.  These Jesuit boys are learning what character and brotherhood truly mean. #menforothers #RowRangers #boysintheboat

After the scrimmage, drove to Georgetown to paint for the elegant and gracious people of Wichita Falls at Audrey Barnard's beautiful reception.  Thank you miss Lolly, always so good to see you! @wishwellhouse


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