California Girl


Last Thursday I was taken on a private tour of the new Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas by my longtime friend and client, MBA curator, Scott Peck. The new museum is beautiful, designed by my uncle, architect, Frank Meier - a stunning backdrop for their growing collection. The works the museum has acquired are impressive, some left over from the fire and several new pieces - Chagall, Ryder, Sargent, Hart, and a Botticelli "from the school of" that is very likely to be from the master himself - just to name a few. I was most impressed with the new contemporary gallery (one of eleven galleries). Scott and I pondered over several pieces. One in particular by Kadishman was amazing - especially getting the artist's perspective via Scott. All in all, the tour inspired me to paint!

I'm posting a recent figurative piece of a girl I photographed in Laguna Beach. I really liked how sassy she seemed and how she was watching her cousin play in the tide. I have been re-ignited to paint by a few videos Peggi Kroll Roberts has recently produced. This was my direct response to seeing some of her demos.


  1. I am also impressed with the Museum of Biblical Art...it is a wonderful place to get lost in the art. Your painting of the little girl has attitude...she is a cutie standing on the beach. I like the painterly quality and your color palette. Keep on painting!!!

  2. am glad to see you posting again!
    and kay is right, this little girl has attitude!