Fun day painting with Tutti i Lunedi

Thank you Carolyn Cobb for this pic. I have been painting with a fabulous group of Plein Air painters on Mondays. We have dubbed ourselves "Tutti i Lunedi", Italian for "every Monday". Our group includes, Lynn Rushton (our Italian captain), Carolyn Cobb, Carol Devereaux, Christy Kidwell,
Jerry Tuhy, Kay Wyne, and myself. This photo was taken at the bridge near White Rock Lake dam, in Dallas. A huge gust of wind knocked over Carolyn's easel and dumped several brushes and tubes of paint into the creek. I was trying to save her tube of white, to no avail. A fun day of painting.

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  1. this is so funny!
    wish it had been a video.
    very brave susan,
    thank you

  2. did not add, the incline you were on was really slippery, scary and steep!!!

  3. I was down on that bridge with Jerry a few weeks ago....I did look for Carolyn;s brush and lid and art supplies. But did not see them!!!! Ha